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Mini Basketball Hoops

The Mini All Stars inflatable basketball game is the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor event. Players will be lining up to take their shot at the dual hoops, which allow for plenty of action, fun and competitive spirit as players shoot it out with mini basketballs. 
(3 mini basketballs)
9'7"L  x  9'4" W x  7'8"H

RAte: $85.00

Carnival Tent Rental
Rent our colorful 10x10 carnival booth tent for your next carnival theme event.
Combine it with any of our carnival games for an additional cost. Up to 6 available.
         *Ask about adding carnival prizes

   Rate: $ 100.00

Boom Blaster Balloon Game
Boom Blaster combines the excitement of a balloon-popping contest with a safe, authentic-looking blasting detonator straight from the Saturday cartoons. Two or more players frantically pump, inflating their balloons until they reach the balloon-bursting arcs. First to burst - BOOM! - is the winner.
Rate: $65.00 single / $110.00 double / 150.00 triple

All Aboard ! 
brings the account of Noah to life as kids learn to be obedient to God.  Children toss the animals two by two into Noah's ark! 
                        5x5  Frame Game
 Rate: $40.00

Big Foot Racing
 The perfect item for any event that calls for a fun & zany game. Each racing team is made up of three people, and in order to get anywhere, the individual team members must work together as a group. This item is ideal for both teens and adults. And best of all, it makes huge strides in developing teamwork and cooperation, creating a hilarious event

Rate: $50.00

Jungle Safari

This colorful and sturdy Double Frame Game is perfect for kids of all ages. Boys and girls love to throw the bean bags and knock down the jungle animals perched on                       the limbs and vines!  ​                      

 7 x 7 Frame Game with 5' Depth
   Rate: $65.00

14' Hi-Striker
A classic carnival attraction that has been used to test human strength for years and years! Our versions of this time tested event are truly festive, High Striker stands 14 feet high.and trailer mounted. You will be amazed by this excitement created by this updated version of the old "ring the bell and win a prize" game

      Rate: $125.00

Jumbo Connect Four
See how you stack up against your competition in this jumbo game of connect four. Just like the classic game, but bigger, taller, and enjoyable. Get for childrens parties, school, churches, family gathers. Stands 43" tall

Rate: $50.00

Stand Up Fun Cash Machine

Our Cash Cube Money Machine for rent can be used to blow cash, paper money, vouchers, certificates or any paper product that fits into your event marketing strategy. 

Rate: $150.00

Conk The Crow
This colorful and sturdy 7'x7' game is perfect for the little ones!  Kids love to throw the bean bags and knock down the crows sitting on the farmer's fence.
7X7 Frame Game 

Rate: $65.00

water balloon race game
Modeled after the extremely popular carnival midway game, 4 players try to squirt the water into their clown's mouth, to have the balloon rise, and pop - first one to get the balloon to pop, wins! electricity req

9'l x 8'd x 7'h
  Rate: $Call

Top Doc Operation Game
Top Doc takes a classic board game, and scales it up while adding a technology twist for greater appeal and improved game play. This is like the classic operation board but with a real challenge.   Electricity req

4'L X 2.5'W

Rate: $CALL

Carnival Game Rentals

Quarterback Toss
Its a winner at any sporting event, fund raiser, or carnival. It's a very simple game but irresistible! No football player or football player want-to-be can walk by this game without giving it a shot.
7 x 7 Frame Game With 5' Dept

Rate $50.00


jumbo boxing gloves
Now you can enjoy having fun without a boxing ring at a lower cost. Great for ages 8-up,  add bouncer to make it a boxing bouncer for additional cost.   

Cash Cube 
You wanted it, you’ve got it! Finally a practical money machine,hands down the best value on the market. Great for many types of events as you can circulate money or coupons. Stick your hands inside the inflatable to grab the items. good luck
4' L x 4' W x 10' H

Rate: $65.00 ea.

Duck Pond
The game are a hit at children's parties, school carnivals, daycares, virtually anywhere kids of all ages gather. Get for prize winning. 26"H x 60"W x 24.75"D  
   Rate: $60.00

Tiki Island Ring Toss
Tiki Ring Toss Classic Carnival Game introduces our new XL series games. It’s a life size version of a classic hoop toss game at over 3 ft tall!! Players toss the hoop in an attempt to“ring the tiki man. (Table top game)
Rate: $50.00


Battle The Blaze 
Battle the Blaze is a knock down double frame game were kids toss bean bag to knock over the flames on the burning building. We need your help kids putting                    out the flames, great game for kids                     

 7 x 7 Frame Game with 5' Dept

 RAte: $65.00

Penguin fish fling

Children stomp on the launcher, flipping the rubber fish into the penguin's picnic basket.  Kid's love it! And you'll love it too

​                                                      Rate $50.00

Roller Bowler Game

The teasing Roller Bowler game is played by trying to roll the ball with just enough force so that it goes over the hump and stays in the pocket area on the other side. Just when it looks it is going to stay in the pocket area the ball comes rolling back.. Players can't resist the temptation of " just one more roll     

RAte: $50.00

Fun Spin Art
Spin Art is a hit at children's birthday parties, school carnivals, virtually anyplace! Create hours of fun at your next childrens' event with a few bottles of paint, cards and the Fun Spinner.
    12"H x 14"W x 18"D

   Rate: $60.00

Furious Fowl Game 
Colorful and fun, this frame game is a challenge of skill and aim. Players launch a plush Angry Bird character at the backdrop to see if they can land in any of the openings. Netting will catch the bird to help volunteers easily send them back to the next player.  
​   7 x 7 Frame Game            

Rate: $50.00

Jumbo Twister

If you thought the game twister was fun you will love our Inflatable Super Twister!! Left Hand Red, Right Foot Blue!! Twist, turn and bend, while trying to keep balance on an inflatable twister mat!! Interactive fun for the whole family!!! Excellent for family game night, team building, school carnivals, and any other interactive event.               
12'L x 12'W x 2'H

 Rate: $75.00

Clown Kiddie Striker  
Which child can resist picking up the maul and banging away on a kiddie Striker?  With sizes for kids 7 and under, you can't go wrong with this incredible carnival game.  People play it time after time to try and ring that bell.  Great for any event.
Rate: $65.00

Tic Tac Toss 

Its much smaller than the traditional frame game making it more convenient. Tic Tac Toss can be packaged together to create an attractive rental.
5x5  Frame Game 


Crazy ball Game
Object of this game is to pick a color prior to tossing your ball. If ball lands on correct color picked, win that prize.

Rate: $60.00