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Trampoline Thing -Single Bungee Trampoline Jumper

If you have ever been curious what it must fill like to soar in the air? Well get ready to fly up to 20'ft into the air with our securely and safe trampoline ride. Specially designed bungee cords, waist harnesses and a unique safety mechanism keeps you centered on the ride. Systems similar to this device are used by professional gymnasts around the world! This is a great ride for small to medium size events. Great for ages (5-up). No electricity needed. Amusement rides rentals in Virginia (VA), North Carolina (NC)
Ride come with staff worker
Ride requires a 10 day advance notice in (NC)


Size: 21' L X 15' W X 20' H

Outlets: None

Height Requirements: 40lbs - 240lbs